CARL: Clinics

Using CARL as a tool in a clinical environment has several advantages:
  • Performing equipment checks with CARL's consistent ears
  • Hearing aid demonstration in patient consultation settings
  • Onboarding & Continuing competencies
  • Continuing education

Assess Skills of Prospective or New Employees

WIth CARL's first use cases being training, it makes the perfect tool to ensure clinicians being hired are ready to perform clinical procedures on their first day (real-ear measures, earmold impressions, cerumen management). If existing clinicians need further practice becoming comfortable with new procedures, practices or equipment, CARL will volunteer as a safe patient where clinicians can become comfortable and build skills without affecting patient-care. 

Continuing Education & Training

With more and more emphasis on continuing education and career-long learning, CARL can simulate a patient for any hands-on competencies that may need additional non-patient practice. With the ever-changing technology and equipment landscape within clinical care, CARL can also allow clinicians to try out new hearing aids or equipment on CARL before using it in their clinical practice.

Patient Consultation

Using CARL as a patient consultation device can allow the patients to better understand how hearing aids fit on patients and what the appearance of the hearing aid will be. Patients are also able to place the hearing aids on CARL themselves and provide a better patient experience than an artificial demo-ear on a stick. Use baby-CARL to give new parents a way to practice earmold insertion

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