Business Meeting

CARL for Industry/Manufacturers

Improve and optimize your training, research, and new product launches

Men in a Meeting

CARL for Customer Training/Sales

  • Train customers on your latest technology using CARL as a stand-in patient
  • Have customers experiment with different features/aspects of your products in a safe environment
  • Ensure customers will use your product's whole feature set to ensure new features are educated to patients
  • Increase account penetration by supplying CARL to preferred customers

CARL for Internal Training

  • Train non-technical staff on product-specific features, technical challenges, and customer experiences
  • Educate product teams on audiology-specific challenges to inform product decisions

CARL for R&D

  • Rapidly iterate product improvements with a desktop manikin
  • Consistent product comparisons across several different geographical office locations
  • Use CARL from R&D all the way to product demonstrations for a streamlined product rollout

Interested in Leasing/Renting CARL?

We offer flexible terms and packages for your short-term training needs