Using CARL as a research tool allows for:
  • Consistent ear canal acoustics with repeatable measurements
  • A portable, lightweight, cost-efficient desktop solution in comparison to other research manikins
  • Simulate patients in studies through using different standardized ear anatomies within the same CARL to reduce participant recruitment time and scheduling
  • Examine the effects of device placements or setting within CARL's ear using Camera CARL to verify the exact object-to-eardrum distance
  • And much more!

Use a Simulated Patient

CARL's realistic ear canal acoustics allow for a patient-simulation that can be used for any patient-centered research studies. With the release of new ear anatomies and baby-CARL, new simulated patients are possible for variations in ear canal anatomies and acoustics. For smaller R&D tests for manufacturers, use a desktop CARL instead of using a coworker or other manikins. 

Manufacturer's Equipment

With CARL's consistent and repeatable ear canal acoustics, users can directly compare manufacturer's equipment. Whether it is comparing verification equipment, hearing aids, or individual settings within the hearing aids such as directionality or feedback management, CARL's ear will never change, and objective comparisons can be performed.

Use as a Low-Fidelity Hearing Aid Manikin

For research requiring hearing aid testing manikins, the prohibitive costs of some of these products make small studies impossible. With CARL, you can approach the functionality of other audiology manikins, for a fraction of the price, while adding a level of portability and adaptability currently not possible. Position CARL or baby-CARL in any research space while moving speakers or equipment in suitable locations around them.

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