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Since CARL's inception, lesson plans, use cases, videos, and a wide array of articles have been produced to form the beginnings of the CARL Curriculum.

This page is the source for them all.


 Validation Studies 

Koch RW, Moodie S, Folkeard P, Scollie S, Janeteas C, Agrawal SK, Ladak HM. Face and content validity of a probe tube placement training simulator. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology. 2019 Mar 1;30(3):227-34.

Koch RW, Saleh H, Folkeard P, Moodie S, Janeteas C, Agrawal SK, Ladak HM, Scollie S. Skill Transference of a Probe-Tube Placement Training Simulator. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology. 2020 Jan 1;31(1):40-9.

 CARL Articles 

Biomedical engineering grad launches simulation technology startup to improve hearing health care

Development and Validation of a Manikin-Based Probe-Tube Placement Training Simulator

AHead Simulations Launches CARL Training Simulator

Learning Amplification with CARL: A New Patient Simulator

CARL Revolutionizing Audiology Education

Clinical utility of CARL, a patient simulator for clinician training, in a private practice setting

Training & Product Learning with Simulation: A New Clinician’s View of the Benefits

20Q: Simulation-Based Training in Audiology

Filling the Gap in Audiology Clinical Education: Interview with Robert Koch of AHead Simulations


 CARL PDF Lesson Plans

Below are some lesson plans to get you started with your implementation of CARL. Each of these templated lessons are split into the following sections:

(1) Lesson Overview, (2) Introduction, (3) Procedure, (4) Exercises, 
(5) Evaluating Competencies, (6) Resources

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Intro to Audiometry & Occupational Hearing
Practice placing headphones, inserting foam inserts, physical otoscopy, and preparation for a hearing test
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Fittings Hearing Aids with CARL
Practice otoscopy, RIC sizing, probe tube placement, RECD measures, insertion of the hearing aid into the ear, fine tuning, and other real-ear measures
Evaluating Hearing Aid Streaming
Practice connecting hearing aids with cellphones and tablets for the streaming of music and speech
Programming and Verifying Telecoil Programs
Practice programming telecoils, verify their frequency response, and learn about telephone options
Fitting and Verification of CROS & BICROS
Learn and practice how to work with CROS and BICROS fittings
Cerumen Management with CARL
A multi-disciplinary lesson for healthcare workers to learn and practice the different methods of cerumen management
Earmold Impressions with CARL
Learn about the need for earmold impressions, common mistakes and complications, and offer practice opportunities for refining technique

Want to couple these lessons with our workbooks?

Cerumen Management Workbook

Earmold Impressions Workbook


 CARL Video Lessons 



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