Covid-19 Screening

NED for Testing Centers

Audit, train, and receive statistics for how your staff are performing their nasal swabs

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NED for Auditing your Swabbing Staff

  • Lease NED to rapidly audit and test your frontline staff for proficiency, performance, and confidence/repeatability in their ability
  • Available for as little as two weeks at a time for sites
  • Customized reporting by AHead provided at end of audit/training

Train your Staff with NED

  • Using AHead's training videos and materials, train your staff how to perform best practice sample collection
  • Allow unlimited practice time to ensure competency and confidence in their swabbing technique
  • Onboard new swabbers by pointing them to educational resources with NED


Rapidly audit and educate your swabbing staff to improve testing accuracy and decrease false negatives

For those who:

  • Have consistent limited staff

  • Wants a brief insight to how you staff is performing

  • All existing trained medical staff

  • Need to show relevant stakeholders that proper swabbing is being done


Continuously maintain transparency into your staff swabbing techniques to improve testing accuracy and decrease false negatives

For sites who:

  • Have to educate high numbers of clinicians that come in and out

  • Wants continuous metrics and tracking of swabbing performance

  • Your swabbers have a wide-range of experience/education levels

  • Want to use the trainer however they like and want to guide 

Which Option is best for you?

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