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Our Beginnings

Starting as an undergraduate engineering project, the development for the first probe tube placement simulator model began at Western University, London, Canada with the National Centre for Audiology

First Prototype

An initial proof on concept design was created and awarded Top Electrical Engineering Project of 2016

Continued Development

Taken over as a master's engineering project, development continued at Western University with new and improved prototypes.  

A preliminary validation study was performed in which expert clinicians used the simulator and provided valuable insights and feedback while assessing usability.

Key findings included:​

1. The simulator provided a semi-realistic simulation

2. The simulator enabled for enhanced teaching and learning opportunities

3. All experts recommend its usage in clinical education programs


Koch R, Moodie S, Folkeard P, Scollie S, Janeteas C, Agrawal S, Ladak H. “Face and Content Validity of a Probe Tube Placement Training Simulator.” Journal of the American Academy of Audiology., DOI: https://doi.org/10.3766/jaaa.17114

Final Prototype & Study Results

Final improvements were implemented according to expert guidance, and a final validation study was performed to cement the simulator's usage at Western's Audiology Training Program

A final validation study was performed with audiology students to determine whether skills learned on the simulator are directly transferable to clinic. Key Findings included:​

1. Students who used the simulator were more confident in placing the probe without contacting the eardrum

2. An expert viewed the students who used the simulator as more confident while placing the probe and foam insert

3. RECD measures from participants using the simulator showed closer results to a gold standard measurement


**Publication Accepted & In-Press (JAAA)

CARL is now available around the world.

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