Nasal Swab Pilot Project

Welcome to AHead Simulations Nasal Swab Pilot Project. To begin, watch the four videos to unbox, assemble, and set up the device. They will give you an overview of the pilot protocol and make the process very simple. 

1. Watch Videos

2. Book setup Appointment

Once you have watched the videos, you can start the setup of the pilot project. It is important that you book a meeting with Jeremy to assist you in the setup process. Once you're in the meeting with Jeremy, press the 'SETUP PILOT PROJECT' button. If you run into issues during the survey, watch the Step-By-Step Tutorial video above.

**Requires Google Chrome or Firefox Browsers**

3.Start Pilot Survey

Once the pilot setup is complete, you are now ready to start the pilot project with your site's staff. Click the 'START PILOT SURVEY' button below to begin.

**Requires Google Chrome or Firefox Browsers**

Need Help?

If you experience any issues or difficulties during this process please reach out to as soon as possible. Thanks!