How to Set Up COVID 19 Testing in your Organization

Coronavirus test site for COVID-19 nasal swab testing
COVID-19 Test Site - Image courtesy of Graham Ruttan, Unsplash

These days, getting your facility back open and operating safely is the most important thing in any organization’s to-do list. However, the fear of a COVID-19 outbreak among your employees is a significant concern that must not be taken lightly. To combat this risk, it is essential that your organization implements private COVID-19 testing to be administered on a consistent schedule to ensure a safe working environment. With Premier Ford’s recent update, Ontario businesses will soon be able to conduct their own COVID-19 tests to ensure employee safety. But how do you set up private testing in your organization?

Select Staff Members to Administer the Tests

To set up private COVID 19 testing within your business, you must first select staff members who will be trained to perform nasal swab tests to your workforce on a regular basis. These swabbers do not need any medical background or experience and can be trained in less than 10 minutes to properly test for COVID-19. The benefit of this is that your employees can be tested at any time and for a low cost as you will have trained testers on site.

Use a Patient Simulator

You’d rather not have someone practicing on you to do a nasopharyngeal swab for their first time. To ensure your staff members are properly trained for COVID 19 testing, you can use a patient simulator (like the one AHead Simulations is currently developing) to provide them with hands-on training and get them familiar with the anatomy and feel of the test before performing it on an actual patient. For instance, the CARL patient simulator allows staff to practice as often as they want and lets you to scale up the number of testers at your facility with ease. It also provides visual and kinaesthetic feedback when the tester reaches the correct spot (the nasopharynx). AHead Simulations has three years of experience developing patient simulators in the Audiology field which we have now leveraged to develop this COVID 19 patient simulator as well.

Set Up a Testing Schedule & Location

Find a schedule that works for your needs and ensure you stick to it. If your testing is once a week, ensure your employees are aware of it and that it is a mandatory requirement to enter the worksite. Make sure you set up a location that is next to an entry point or outdoors in order to avoid possible contamination of other workspaces.

By following these guidelines, you can be responsible for ensuring your workforce is healthy and free from COVID-19 before returning to work. This will mitigate the potential risks of a COVID-19 outbreak at your organization which will keep everyone safe and allow your operations to continue as soon as possible.

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