Learning Through Simulation - A Student's Perspective

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

In discussing simulation and its implementation, we often forget about one of the most crucial aspects - the students! The students will be the ones who will be using this simulation equipment for becoming comfortable with their practice. Everything they do in this classroom or lab will lay the foundation for how they will operate as clinicians.

For this reason as well as many others, this is why we initially focused on receiving feedback and validation from the students (published in JAAA). We wanted to hear the voice of someone who is entering the field for the first time, doesn't have the confidence to start working directly on patients, and are seeking out ways to practice these new techniques on the people around them. They have their own set of needs that are often not a large part of the equation since they are not a part of the buying decision/process.

It is important to not only see what is important for buying this equipment, but what will the outcome be two, three, or four years from now, when new clinicians have experienced using this new technology for the foundation of their learning.

In late 2019, we received a fantastic testimonial from a student at Western University; Jared Billey. Jared had written a brief testimonial of what is was like to use CARL throughout his two years learning and training to become comfortable with his practice.

With the recent AudiologyOnline article now being published, we wanted to share the raw testimonial of his experience with CARL. While this started out as a testimonial for the UWO audiology program, a large part of this was on CARL, and how this helped his learning. Incidentally, Susan Scollie received the "Award for Innovations in Technology-Enhanced Learning" for the impact she has had in spearheading the implementation of CARL with students such as Jared, adapting all course material around this tool, and always looking for new ways to enhance the learning for her students.

We hope this can shed some light on the outcomes of this sort of technology, and the eventual impact we are hoping to have on new clinicians.


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