Camera CARL


Camera CARL

  • With Camera CARL (Base CARL + Camera Module), users can receive an inside-view to CARL's ear canal. Using AHead's software, receive real-time feedback for the location of objects inside the ear canal.


    Camera CARL includes:

    1. Base CARL
    2. Two sets of CARL ears with opaque ear canals (one dark and one light color) + one set of ears with transparent ear canals (CARL Large Canal Anatomy)
    3. Camera module to give real-time video of ear canal
    4. Software package to provide real-time in canal object-tracking, tracking of student/trainee progression, and testing module to save trial results for an instructor's student evaluation
  • Product Dimensions:

    Height: 14"
    Depth: 10.5"

    Width: 10.5"


    Shipping Box Dimensions:

    12" x 12" x 18"


    Shipping Weight:


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