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Latest Version: v1.4 (Sept 12th, 2019)

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System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or 10, 32-bit or 64 bit

  • 500 MB of RAM (2 GB preferred)

  • 500 MHz CPU (1 GHz for smoother UI experiences)

  • Minimum 100 MB Hard Disk space

Archived Software Versions

WARNING: critical features might not be available on older versions

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License key is required to install the software. 

Contact: licensing@aheadsimulations.com if you require a license key


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Question: Where can we find use cases for how to most effectively incorporate CARL into our lessons?

We offer use cases and lesson plans through this website to get you started. We hope CARL can be a collaborative community in which users can share fun and interesting lessons they have used CARL for. AHead is always actively reaching out to customers to hear how CARL has been used and how we can develop formal lesson plans. Stay tuned for regular updates.


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