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What is CARL?

CARL is your perfect patient.
CARL is a hearing care patient simulator with a selection of ear anatomies made directly from clinical CT scans for a patient-specific anatomical and acoustical model.

What do we do
with it?

CARL is the perfect stand-in patient for anything which may typically require a friend or volunteer or coworker.
Want to practice a new technique or using a new piece of equipment on your own?
Try it with CARL!
Want to test a new fitting/device?
Try it with CARL!
Want to demonstrate a new feature or style or equipment?
Try it with CARL!

How does it work?

Your CARL(s) will be in one of the following formats
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Full-size plastic head model
CARL anatomically accurate & acoustically-realistic ears
Universal platform available for new anatomies or in-head feedback systems


Pediatric-sized plastic head model
Anatomically accurate & acoustically-realistic ears directly from a six-month-old CT scans
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Dark Baby Ear.png
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Camera CARL

Full-size adult head model
CARL anatomically accurate & acoustically-realistic ears with transparent canals
Camera module installed within head for real-time object tracking within CARL's ear canals
CARL Software to analyze and provide object-to-eardrum distance along with user profiles to track progress/history

Plus a selection of different ear anatomies

Three different ear anatomies
CARL Large (included with CARL)
CARL Small
CARL Bendy
Each available in a light or dark skin tone variant
CARL Large and CARL Small available in transparent or opaque ear canal
Each with their own unique clinically-relevant ear canal acoustics 
(CARL Small anatomy real-ear unaided response shown below)
Your CARL is lightweight and portable with suction cups on the bottom to safely secure to a table.
CARL has a mounting bracket on its base for attachment to a stand or monitor mount.
CARL ears are all interchangeable on the same adult head
If using Camera CARL and our CARL software, you can receive real-time feedback or choose to delay feedback for evaluation purposes from CARL's in-head camera system.
When the Camera CARL software is open, CARL will say 'ow' if the eardrum is contacted at any point.
CARL is good guy to have around!

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