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Your Perfect Patient

CARL gives hearing healthcare providers a safe and predictable way to strengthen clinical knowledge through experiential learning.


As the world’s first hearing loss patient simulator, CARL can help you drive better learning, better fittings and better patient outcomes.


Safe and easy experiential learning

CARL is your perfect stand-in patient. He allows you to practice your hands-on skills and build professional confidence

Hands-on Training


With CARL in the classroom or clinic, hearing healthcare professionals can build hands-on experience in all forms of anatomy and with all types of clinical workflows.

The Most Patient of Patients

CARL offers you a forgiving and safe place to practice as often as you want.

A Predictable and Documented Training Platform


CARL's ears are predictable. You’ll always know how your fittings are performing against the gold standard. CARL’s camera feedback and canal tracking system allows you to record and document in-canal procedures while providing real-time feedback.

Better Clinical Placements

Get an inside view into what’s going on inside CARL’s ears to evaluate a hearing healthcare professional’s experience and readiness for clinical placement, and to assess their performance post-placement.

Expand Training Program Reach


CARL helps you scale your training programs and your supervisory capacity

The Adventures of CARL Continue...

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