CARL for Colleges & Universities

Use CARL throughout every aspect of your program


CARL for Training

  • Engaging, realistic, and competency-based learning compared to slides-based lectures
  • Unlimited practice for students without the need for a partner
  • Let students test the accuracy and reliability of their work without head movement
  • Easily supervise dozens of students at once with CARL's predictable fittings
  • Student error-detection and correction in a safe environment
  • Training while maintaining social distancing protocols

CARL for Evaluations

  • Set up equivalent stations for practical exams
  • Use standardized metrics/anatomy to equally evaluate all students
  • Ensure all students meet clinical standards before clinical placements 

CARL for Research


  • Compare product/feature performance on a consistent manikin


  • Replace the need for volunteers/participants with different CARL anatomies


  • Receive in-canal feedback (with Camera CARL) on the exact location of objects inside CARL's ear canal

CARL for your Program

Elevate your students

Improve your students clinical placements

Scale your training program and supervisory capacity